Officer Team

Bayside 4-H is run by youth officers who are elected annually at the May club meeting. Working with adult leaders and volunteers, officers are responsible for running all aspects of the club, including planning and running club meetings, outings, and outreach; deciding club goals and steps to achieve them; and creating the treasury report, minutes, monthly newsletter, website, and more.

A member may run for a position after completing one year in 4-H, although other requirements such as grade level, years in 4-H, club meeting attendance, etc. may apply to certain positions. See the officer position listing below for details.

Officers' responsibilities vary depending on the position held, but all officers are expected to attend monthly Leadership Meetings and regular Club Meetings and fulfill their position description outside of these meetings if necessary.

Holding an officer position is a large responsibility that holds many benefits, including increasing:
  • Planning and organizing skills.
  • Teamwork, leadership, and social skills.
  • Communication and public speaking skills.
  • Self-responsibility.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Record keeping and management skills.

2018-2019 Officer Team                                 

Table Officers:

Communication Officers:


Nominations and Elections

    In March and April the current officer team discuss the leadership structure and decide on the positions for the following year.  Typically in April, the list of positions are released at the club meeting and in the newsletter.  A member who fulfills all the requirements of a position is welcome to run for that position.

    In May, nominations are open for the duration of the meeting and stay open until the elections are held. During that time, a member can nominate him/herself or a friend for any position, either in person or via email to the adult leaders and club president. 

    Some of the positions may be held by more than one elected officer. If there are more than one nomination for a position typically held by one elected officer, then each  running mate may give a one minute long speech before the election is held. All attending members are encouraged to vote and the votes are tallied by an adult volunteer.  By the end of the May club meeting new officer team is announced.