1. What is 4-H?

4-H is an organization for youth ages 5-19 that promotes hands-on, experiential learning. It has the ultimate goal of giving youth the skills they need to thrive and succeed throughout their lives. The focus of all 4-H programs is positive youth development through activities in science, literacy, healthy living, and citizenship.

2. Who can join 4-H?

All children aged 5-19 as of December 31st for that school year. Some projects may have other age requirements. Check with the project leader before joining a project.

3. How can I join as a member?

Attend our Open House in September to learn more about 4-H and the projects we offer. There, adult leaders will help you enroll online if you decide to join. Registration generally happens late August through October, but you can email bayside4hleaders@googlegroups.com and see if there are any open spots. Otherwise, keep us in mind for next year!

4. What are projects?

Members choose specific topics they would like to learn more about for that year. Projects focus on a specific area so you can focus in depth instead of learning a bit about various topics. You can take the same projects as many times as you want, or change projects every year. You can enroll in as many projects as you like. First year members should only enroll in 1 or 2 projects until they are sure they have the time to take on additional projects.

5. How much does 4-H cost?

Enrollment Fees for the 2019/2020 4-H Program Year:

    • Youth - $90.00
    • Adult - $24.00

Some projects may have additional fees to cover materials or other costs. Contact the project leader for more information.

6. When do I need to meet?

It depends on what project you enroll in. Each project has a different schedule. Club Meetings are generally on the second Wednesday of each month. The 4-H year follows the school year, starting with our Open House in September and ending with our Club Meeting in May. There are other events in summer that you can attend, such as 4-H camp, Conferences, and County/State Fair.

8. What happens at club meetings?

The basic agenda has a business meeting, a recreation activity (game, ice breaker, etc.), a program that may involve an activity towards community service or a guest speaker, and a snack at the end. The basic business meeting agenda is:

Call to order / Flag salute / Minutes / Treasurer's Report

Old Business (events already talked about but now we have dates / locations / new information about the event)

Event Reports (Members speak about events they attended and the club hears about what they did / learned / etc.)

New Business (new events / new ideas we need to vote on)

Announcements (other information)

Each month may include a program or guest speaker. Example activities include:

September = Welcome!

October = Costume Contest

March = Quarter-a-Dip: Bring a dish to share and try other people's dishes, essentially a large potluck. You pay a quarter for each "dip" or serving of a dish. The club matches all money collected to give to a non-profit organization agreed upon during the February meeting.

April = Officer positions and nominations : Our club president goes over the officer positions, prerequisites, and duties. You can put your name or a friend's name up for a position. Nominations are accepted until we vote at the next meeting.

May = Officer positions and voting: Members running for officer positions give a short speech on why they want to run, why they will be good in that position, etc. The club votes and winners are announced and will start their positions in August during the planning for the next program year.

9. WhO are Club Officers?

We are a group of youth from our club who run the club under the guidance of our Club Leader and other adults. We run club meetings, coordinate events, keep track of club funds, run this website, and much more.

10. Who can be an officer?

It depends on the position. You need to complete one year of 4-H to run for any position (This means you can run at the end of your first year, since you won't officially be an officer until the next year). Some have more requirements on your age/grade, years in 4-H, and projects completed. Find out more from the Newsletter, Meeting Agenda and More ... page.

11. How can I run for a position?

We go over the requirements at a Club Meeting near the end of the year. You can nominate yourself or someone else at that time. You can also nominate yourself anytime between then and the time we vote. At the last Club Meeting, nominees give a short speech and the club votes. The elected group are the officers for next year.

12. What is the difference between a "project leader" and a "club leader"?

A project leader leads a specific project. We have many project leaders in our clubs teaching a variety of projects. We have a team of club leaders who oversees the entire club.

13. How do I enroll as a new or returning project or club leader volunteer?

Please utilize the following instructions from Alameda County 4-H http://4halameda.ucanr.edu/Join_4-H/Adult_Volunteer/ to enroll as an Adult Volunteer for the 2018-19 4-H year by the December 1, 2018 deadline.

14. What is the 4-H pledge?

We say the 4-H pledge after the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of every club meeting. After you finish the Pledge of Allegiance, the Sergeant at Arms will say "Please keep standing for the 4-H pledge." Turn and face the 4-H flag (the green one) and say:

As a true 4-H member I pledge:

My head to clearer thinking (touch your head with both hands)

My heart to greater loyalty (put both hands over your heart)

My hands to larger service (hold hands by your sides)

And my health for better living (use both hands to make a sweeping motion from your head to your sides)

For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

15. What is the 4-H motto?

To make the best better.

16. What is a Record Book?

A Record Book is where you write down (or record) what you did, made, and learned in 4-H. You keep track of project meetings, awards you earned, and events you attended. At the end of the year, you can submit it to be evaluated. Click on "Record Books" on the left to learn more.

17. Do I have to complete a Record Book?

No. It is recommended, but not required. Earning year stripes, star rankings and other incentives & recognition require the completion of a record book. Records of your project work are required to be completed in order to enter items in the County Fair, especially if you may win a special award. Record Keeping is an essential life skill that we want to help our members learn. The club will provide help to complete a record book via the Record Book information time prior to each club meeting.

18. What is the Online Record Book?

Is is a tool where you can complete your Record Book online. It helps you add events, meetings, and activities. You can also see what other people added and see if you attended those events. It formats your book for you at the end, and you can print it out instead of hand-writing it.

19. Can I do it on paper?

Yes; however, it is advised to use the online record book since it is easier to compile your entries when its time to submit your records.

20. What about primary members?

Primary Members have a different record book. Fill out the Primary Member - Personal Development Report Basic. To receive special pins for their work, Primary Members must fill out the Alameda County Primary Completion Form.

21. Can I do last year's Record Book?

Yes. You can work previous year's books and get recognition for completing them. If you do not think you will complete your Record Book this year, keeping track of project meetings and what you did there, club meetings, and events you attended will help you complete it in future years. You can simply enter the information you recorded instead of trying to find it later.

22. Does the club have any ongoing fundraisers?

Raising funds with no specific associated 4-H YDP purpose is not allowed. Members are not obligate to fundraise. However, if you buy produce through "Farm Fresh To You" you may choose to donate 10% to Bayside 4-H Club! To do so follow the process listed below. The funds raised will be used to provide snacks and or end of the year pizza to members!


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23. What if the information here contradicts what I heard from someone else?

Email bayside4hleaders@googlegroups.com. and include your questions, the answer you received, and if possible, who you heard it from. This will allow us to research the information and ensure the website content is accurate.

24. What if I have more questions?

For questions about our club, email our club leader at bayside4hleaders@googlegroups.com. For project information, email project leaders from the email address provided at the projects page. If you have questions about this website, think something is missing/incorrect on this page, or have other general questions email bayside4hleaders@googlegroups.com.

You may also find more information about Alameda county 4-H at http://4halameda.ucanr.edu/ and State 4-H office at http://4h.ucanr.edu/