Record Books

Record Books are a great way to keep track of the activities you participated in and watch your growth in 4-H. It is highly recommended to complete your record book so you can get credit for all the work you did throughout the year.

General Tips:

If possible, record events (and especially project meetings) as they happen. If you don't have time or don't know how to do the official record book, just write down:

    • The date of the event
    • What you did / made
    • What you learned

Find dates from the following sources:

      • Project leaders / members in your project
      • Events logged in the ORB by others

More help may be found in these places:

      • Experienced members / adults
      • Latest record book manual (see below)
      • Ask other members to see what they have submitted in the past
      • Find Sample winning record books at the bottom of the page

Click on the picture to the left for the record book manual and right for the online record book.

Exclusively for Primary Members:

To receive stripes and special pins for the completed year, primary members may submit to the club leader a Personal Development Report Basic and Alameda County Primary Completion Form.